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Hybrid 2.0 Fitness Program

Hybrid 2.0 Fitness Program

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We could not be more excited to present a sequel to the original Sweeney Fitness Hybrid Program. We know there is a deep love for the original hybrid program from 2019, and this program was built solely because of that love. This program is most accurately defined as a hybrid training program. It is a combination of training styles packed full of variety but thoughtfully put together to help you progress in multiple training facets. The hybrid 2.0 pulls together strength, hypertrophy, and endurance fundamentals to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice one style of training to see the progress you are looking for. The goal of this program is to help you become well rounded in your training. 

With a similar set up to the original Hybrid program, the Hybrid 2.0 includes a lot of variety. Each training day is different for the first 6 weeks. You will have 5 days of strength and tempo based lifts, and 1 full body endurance challenge each week. When you reach week 7, you will return to the beginning of the program and repeat weeks 1-6. We do this because we want you to see progression throughout this program and one of the best ways to do that is to track what you are doing and repeat movements so you can visually see your progress. We have included a tracking log at the end of this program for you to print/fill in throughout the next 12 weeks. This allows you to take notes along the way and be fully engaged in what you are asking your body to do. 

Our hope is that you fall in love with your training over the next 12 weeks. When you love something, you put more into it and in turn, you get more out of it. That’s exactly what we want for you. 

Who is this program for?

We’d love to say this is for anyone and everyone. This program is intense and does require you to be committed to the details. We recommend that you have a basic foundation for navigating a gym. Some basic lifting experience is also recommended. There are videos (hyperlinked) for every movement within this program. If you are newer to the gym or to the movements these are there to guide and assist you in being successful within this program.

This is a hybrid program with a large focus on the relationship between strength, hypertrophy (muscle building) and muscular endurance. Hybrid 2.0 is made for people who are serious about their training. It is best for those who crave variety and want to be continually challenged in different ways, while also spending time perfecting and building on foundational movements.

What will you need:

A full gym. This program was designed around the workouts that built the foundation of where I am today and within that the equipment used is very important. This is the way we lift and we wanted to create a program that is genuine to our style. If you follow along on Instagram this should be no surprise. All of our workouts require the use of a variety of equipment.

A few things in particular that you will need:

  • A barbell (rack + plates)
  • Cables
  • Dumbbells/Kettlebells
  • A few machines
  • Some use of bands and med balls 

What is included within the program:

    • 12 Week- 82 page long downloadable Ebook/PDF (this will never “expire” it is yours forever. We hope you use and reference for years to come)
    • Video Demos for each movement (all hyperlinked within the Ebook. All you have to do to reference a video is click on the exercise name and it will lead you to the video).
    • An Exercise Log and instruction on how to track weight is included at the end of the program for your use throughout the 12 weeks (we encourage you to utilize this in some way).

**email with any questions or concerns**