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This page will give you insight into some of the most commonly asked questions.

We will update this page as needed to answer as many of your questions and concerns as possible, in one place. If you have questions that are not answered in this FAQ page, please feel free to reach out on our Contact page.


  • Does Sweeney Fitness have any availability for 1-on-1 in person training?

    Sweeney Fitness is no longer taking personal training clients at this time. However, we have hired two independent trainers who will train clients out of our studio. Both trainers are currently accepting clientele and would love to work with you. If you are interested in personal training sessions at the Sweeney Fitness studio please visit the studio info page on the website to find both trainer’s contact information.

  • Does Sweeney Fitness do online personal coaching?

    The only online programming we offer is through our fixed programs available for purchase on our website.

  • Is the studio a public gym?

    Not at the moment. If we decide to in the future, we will update the website with more information.

  • Do the programs include a nutrition guide?

    No. We are not certified dietitians or nutritionists. We did not feel we could include such information without professional education and experience. It is incredibly difficult to create a fixed nutritional guide to serve such a wide variety of people in a safe, effective way. We can offer up recommendations of nutritionists/dietitians to work with while doing one of our programs, if needed.

  • Do I need a full gym in order to do any of the programs?

    Two out of the three programs we currently offer were created with a full gym in mind. The dumbbell program only requires you have at least one pair of dumbbells and access to a bench or chair (access to at least 3 pairs of dumbbells would be most effective- light/moderate/heavy). While the Hybrid and Strength programs were created with a full gym in mind, we have had hundreds of people be successful in modifying both programs to fit a home gym. If you are trying to modify for a home gym, we recommend you have at least: – A barbell/plates/rack – Multiple pairs of dumbbells – A bench – Access to bands or cables (bands can mimi cable movements)

  • I bought a program, how do I access the video demos?

    Make sure to read the introduction to each program thoroughly. We have outlined directions in how to access the videos via the introduction information, in each program. To access the videos you simply click on the title of the exercise you are wanting to see, a hyperlink will pop up and lead you to the correct demo.